About Us

How it all started
Our founder started his adult life with the pain of having braces, he was required to wear Invisalign retainers of a night time to keep his beaming smile. He found that when he woke up in the morning they would leave him with an unpleasant taste and that they would also be discoloured. He decided to search for a solution, searching far and wide but couldn't find anything that was suitable for his delicate plastic retainers.

With a passion for business and product development he founded Vitamate Ltd, a company that specialised in health care and physiotherapy products. A few short years later he thought back to his struggles of when he had retainers, brought about by a friend having the same issues. Therefore he started digging for a new solution and began experimenting with effervescent tablet brands to find what worked best. He found that non of the tablets were strong enough or did what they said on the packaging, they often left retainers discoloured and did not remove the unpleasant tastes.

In 2020 he founded the Dentasheen brand after finding a formula that finally worked! He was inspired to develop the formula into a premium cleaning tablet for all dental appliances so that other people did not have to dig for a solution. 

Dentasheen is now a nationally known brand in the UK and has established itself a strong foothold in the dental market. We continue to expand with plans to bring our products to customers all over the world, starting with the U.S and Germany.

What makes our products different
Our tablets pack a punch! Unlike many of our competitors, our tablets are made from a special formula that delivers a strong cleaning and odour killing solution when dropped into water! Our effervescence tablets have been designed to target odour-causing bacteria, plaque and tarter, and discolouration.

Our tablets are larger! They are bigger than what you will find in your local supermarkets, meaning you get more bang for your buck! They also come in larger boxes of 120 tablets so that you have a healthy 4 months supply, you wont be missing them off your shopping list!

Each of our tablets come foil wrapped, individually sealed for hygiene, you won't find them sticking together or dissolving once the packaging is open. Snap off a square and get fizzy!

They act fast! You can have your dental appliances clean in as little as 15 minutes. However, we do recommend that you leave them to clean for a longer period for the best affect.

Great tasting! Our tablets coat your dental appliance in a mint flavour so that your mouth feels squeaky clean with fresh breath.

We use the highest quality sustainable ingredients to deliver a premium cleaning solution.