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Retainer Cleaning Tablets

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Strong Formula

Kills 99% Odour Causing Bacteria

The Retainer Cleaner Tablet has anti-bacterial properties that act as a shield against bacteria with teeth cleaning plaque removal. Our tablets keeping your retainer from becoming yellow and discoloured by removing plaque buildup, biofilm, and tartar, leaving your dental appliance bright and minty fresh.

Acts Fast

Our rapid effervescent formula gets to work instantly and you will see results in under 15 minutes. The dental cleaner tablets are super-easy to use, simply drop one cleaning tablet into warm water and leave your appliance soaking for at least 15 minutes. The blue bubble soak cleans your retainer fast and effectively.

Freshens Breath

Dentasheen has the perfect cleaning solution for all dental appliances from your tooth brushes and gum shields to clear aligners and orthodontic devices, we got you covered! Our premium dental cleaner is infused with mint to give you a fresh smelling and minty tasting retainer.


Excellent cleaner! I've been using these effervescent tablets for a while now to clean my toothbrush and Invisalign. They always come out squeaky clean with a fresh minty taste and smell. 

Adam L

I’m using these tablets to clean my mouth guard, which I wear at night. I found these tablets and my mouth guard is looking pretty much like new and tastes so much better. Will definitely be buying again.

Miss V Lloyd

I am using it on my Invisalign retainers, which had developed some mild staining. Even after just a couple of days' usage of the tablets the staining has gone away. I'm perfectly happy with my purchase.

S E Putt

They’re great and very good value for money. I bought some more expensive ones before and they didn’t dissolve as quickly and didn’t have the minty flavour these have. I’d recommend this product.

Alexandra S

This came with 4 months worth so I'm stocked for a good while! Does the job and keeps my retainers clean and much sparklier and crystal clear than they were previously! Will definitely be buying again!


Fresh breath and clean aligners every time. I leave my aligners in for 20mins each morning and they’re always nice and clean with a slight hint of mint for a fresh feeling. Will be buying again!