How to clean your dentures

The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning Dentures

Are you sick of your  denture getting smelly after every single use? You most likely find yourself scrubbing it with a toothbrush under the tap, eating away at your precious time. Your retainer sits inside your mouth all day or night, accumulating odorous bacteria and plaque, therefore a thorough cleaning solution is needed. 

You should clean your denture by placing it in an effervescent cleaning solution once per day. Soaking your denture with Dentasheen once daily will reduce the building of bacteria and plaque. Simply soak your appliance for 15 minutes for the best results.

Types of denture:

  • Full Dentures: Complete dentures replace all of your teeth. They sit on top of the gums, as opposed to dental bridges that are anchored to existing teeth. 
  • Partial Dentures: Used when you still have some of your natural teeth, such as when one or more teeth remain in the upper and lower jaw. They are convenient and removable, which means you can take them out whenever you need to. 

  • Snap-in Dentures: The most effective choice for stability, held in place by implanted anchor points on existing teeth. Snap-in dentures are usually used when you doesn’t have any teeth, but still have enough bone to support an implant.
  • Implant Support Dentures:  A dental implant is used to securely support the denture in place. The dental implant looks natural and is long lasting.
  • Upper Dentures: Are for the upper teeth. If you are missing teeth in the upper jaw, upper dentures may be the best solution for you.
  • Overdentures: A removable denture that sits on top of the gums and are held in place with dental implants. It can be placed on the upper and/or the lower jaw, depending on the patient’s needs. 

Signs of an unclean denture:

  • Odorous smell and taste.
  • Discolouration/yellowing.
  • Dark spots.
  • White spots.

      What happens if you don’t clean your denture?

      Your denture gathers bacteria, plaque and biofilm from your mouth, although non-harmful, they become very odorous and can leave your denture looking discoloured. Overtime the build-up of bacteria can start to harbour other dangerous bacteria from food particle, causing inflammation of the gums, gum disease and even tooth decay. 

      The build-up and hardening of plaque creates a larger surface for bacteria to thrive, making the situation worse. Just as bacteria can damage the teeth, they can also damage the denture, you may find that it starts cracking or forms permanent discolouration. 

      Looking after your mouth is vital for you to stay in good health, cleaning your denture is just as important as brushing your teeth. You need to cleanse your denture in warm water with an effervescent cleaner once per day to keep it in good condition.


      How often to clean your denture

      To reduce the build-up of bacteria, plaque and biofilm you should be cleaning your denture at least once per day, before inserting it into your mouth. 

      The process for cleaning is quick and simple, and you may find it convenient to clean your denture at meal times or of a night, when not in use. Rather than vigorously scrubbing your denture at the sink, you can use the simply cleanse it in an effervescent tablet solution by using DENTASHEEN® Cleaning Tablets.

      How to clean dentures

      Use DENTASHEEN® Cleaning Tablets for an powerful cleansing solution for all dental appliances. The tablets are highly effective at removing plaque and killing bacteria sat on your retainer. Cleaning your denture has never been easier, simply:

      1. Pop one DENTASHEEN® tablet into a glass of cold or warm water.
      2. Place your denture into the special bubbling solution.
      3. Soak your appliance for 15 minutes.
      4. Rinse with water before inserting the denture into your mouth.
      Enjoy the minty fresh smell and squeaky clean denture.


      DENTASHEEN® kills odorous bacteria, removes plaque, protects your dental appliance and prevents stains. 

      Where to get DENTASHEEN® and why use it?

      DENTASHEEN® can be purchased directly from the brands website using this link or purchased through Amazon. The powerful cleaning solution will soon be coming to your local supermarket and retail stores!

      DENTASHEEN® is the most powerful cleaning solution for your dental appliances, it acts fast to clean your retainers as little as 15 minutes! The box contains a huge 4 months supply, that's 120 tablets!